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Posted by
Maureen Medina (Wild West, United States) on 18 June 2019 in Abstract & Conceptual.

An Intentional Camera Movement shot of Cottonwood trees.

I cannot say I was ever a camera geek or a pixel peeper. I laugh now but when I first bought my Nikon D3000, I could not understand why people were obsessed with camera "noise". I thought they were referring to the sound when they clicked the shutter :)). I dislike tripods, which I do know is sacrilegious, at least when it comes to certain types of photography, such as landscape. I will acquiesce to using one for low light situations but highly prefer to hold the camera, which I consider an instrument of my creativity, in my hand. It feels much more natural to me and I feel more connected to both my vision and my subject when shooting manually. That probably makes little sense to some but I liken it to the feel of reading from a book or a Kindle.....you are reading the same words, the same story but I just happen to connect more with the physical experience of holding a big wad of paper while turning pages. And that physical connection enhances my experience of connecting to the story itself. Maybe I am just a little bit "woowoo".

This preference of handholding my camera eventually led me to experiment with photos that are completely or mostly out of focus. It started with UNintentionally having images that were out of focus and liking them enough to then try to purposely create appealing blurred images.

There is something about the feel of blurred lines and garbled colors that is pleasing to me (I feel the same about bokeh, whether it be smooth or distinct in its appearance). Instead of recording reality, I think of it as recording a feeling... of magic, of the undefined. Anyway, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in the end, there are many forms of beauty, some of them just happen to be less defined.

©Maureen Medina